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Full service local or long distance moving company that is family owned and operated. You can trust our men in your home and around your family unlike the growing number of fake movers on Yelp. We have been in business since 1963 and have received the super service award from Angie’s List 6 years in a row. We are trusted by the largest and well know local realtors like Perrie Mundie and Louis Lauer in Redlands. We recently moved Sammy Hagar in 2018 and are the select movers for San Bernardino protective services, and all the local senior retirement homes (Braswells, Holiday Retirement, Golden Oaks, Mission Commons, etc.) You do not get that type of trust over night or with men from day labor services. Call for your FREE ESTIMATE!

Only Professional Movers – Never Day Laborers

Some people just look at price, but forget efficiency. Professional are worth EVERY PENNY!

  1. HUGE Liability –  Professional local movers will only provide you men who will be covered under the moving company’s  insurance policies and licenses. Transversely, the fake movers on Yelp will often send you day labor that will likely not fall under these same protections.If they are not completely covered under workers’ compensation insurance, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against you, seeking payment for medical expenses and lost wages.
  2. They DO NOT CARE–  If you have concerns about the safety of your possessions, then a professional moving company like San Bernardino Moving that is licensed and insured is your way to go! San Bernardino professionals have the experience or training to be aware of how to carefully treat, box, load, and remove your items.It may seem easy but it takes lots of practice to get this right, so there’s a higher risk of damage to your belongings.
  3. Some May Be Cheaper But SLOWER– there are quite a few skills that go into being able to work efficiently on any job that requires more than just lifting and muscles. Only practice and time will give you the ability to know how to load items so they all fit appropriately in the truck both efficiently and safely.

Feel secure knowing that San Bernardino Moving will only send men that are experienced professionals who will treat your belongings with the care they deserve. After all, having help moving doesn’t matter if your belongings are all damaged when you get to your new home. On top of our years of experience, all of our professionals have also had to pass background checks.


What We Offer

Packaging & Unpacking

With years of packing and moving experience, we know how to get your belonging from point A to point B safely! So even if you can handle the rest of the packing yourself but want to play it safe, we can help you with a packing plan. We offer helpful packing tips and can also help you arrange all the boxes, packing materials, and other moving supplies.

Local Home and Apartments

Our movers are more then just strong. They have the finesse needed to protect your belongings. The expert movers will also protect all your property by using floor, door, and entry covers. Professional San Bernardino Movers protect your property knowing how important that is to our customers. Full service local and Interstate moving services take the same precaution for your furniture. For that reason, we include disassembly and then wrap everything in furniture pads.


Commercial – Business Movers

When getting ready for your business office relocation, you need to keep in mind that the more organized you are, the less expensive it will be. Moving professionals will then take apart and prepare the office cubicles and anything that they must then wrap in thick furniture pads to prevent any damage. Our estimators are available to help you make a plan to organize your commercial business move to ensure our professional business movers execute the most efficient process.

 Moving Out Of State – Interstate

The service for Long-distance moves over 100 miles and when your moving out of state are different than local moving (moving a short  distance) because they involve moving goods across state lines. It is important that you are able to distinguish reputable companies from fraudulent or “rogue” movers who have been known for holding personal property hostage for additional fees and other scams. 

Labor Only

Professional Moving Labor to load and unload rented moving trucks, storage containers, freight trailers, pickup trucks, etc.  Essentially we provide you the professionals with muscle and finesse to physically move your items correctly.


Piano And Safe Moving

The best safe movers as well as best piano movers know it is important when the item is so heavy and dangerous you only use professionals.This is an item worth finding proffesional piano and safe moving service providers. SHOW US YOUR GUARANTEED PRICE FROM A LICENSED AND INSURED MOVER AND WE WILL DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO SAVE YOU MONEY!

Personalized Services For Every Type of Move

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