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Inland Empire Family Owned Movers

San Bernardino Moving did not just pop up or earn the respect of the local businesses and community over-night. This business is family-owned by a 3rd generation mover and MBA graduate from the University of Redlands as you can find in the Bulldog Alumni Business Directory. We have been here when all you could see was orange groves. Our history with San Bernardino and the surrounding communities has a large influence on why we stayed in this industry. With locations throughout Inland Empire we serve San Bernardino and all the other beautiful towns like; Yucaipa, Beaumont, Banning, Forest Falls, Cherry Valley, Loma Linda, and Oak Glen.

Movers You Can Trust

As this industry allows fake movers to steal business from a tax-paying legitimate business it is even more crucial we support ethical local businesses. We know that there may be cheaper “movers” but is that a company San Bernardino should support? Several of Yelps Moving companies on Yelp have fake addresses and work out of U-Haul trucks. People just have no clue what risks they are taking with these fake moving companies around their families. The men who have had no background checks, also have no insurance. With companies like this, if the movers are hurt on your property, and you are responsible by law.

What Sets San Bernardino Moving Apart

Our team at San Bernardino Moving and our professional movers will provide you the best moving service you will ever have. We take pride in being the best movers not only locally buy in the industry in general.   When it comes to service, you will see right away that our movers will not be out performed. We look forward to helping with your moving needs no matter how big or small your job may be. We have all of the professional equipment and tools to move your home or business across town or across the country. So give us a call and set up a free estimate. Please let us earn your business and show you how moving can truly be stress-free.

Movers Who Care

From the very start, you will hear that we are genuine people, and care about you not just profit. When you meet our estimator you will see our transparency, as we will help you lower the cost to move. Our estimator will teach you what you should eliminate, and what you can condense to save money. We are so proud to support our local charities like Child Help In San Bernardino, and Smiles For Seniors In Yucaipa.

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