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Flat Rate And Small Moving Job Movers

Our team at San Bernardino Moving understands that people need help with small moving jobs and want a flat rate move. Items that are just too heavy, big, or just plain awkward in size are dangerous. For the average person to move these items like gun safes, pianos, or gym equipment they must be put in physical danger. Before our recent change in ownership in 2018 we did not offer any help under the four hour minimum costing almost $400. Many people that either have no help or are not physically able to move these items, leaving for them to overpay or get unsafe help.

Do Not Give Business To Unlicensed Movers

This created a double-edged sword for the consumers, it also created an issue for the industry as a whole by illegal movers. If you needed in home moving help, than you need small moving job movers who will charge a fair rate! FAKE MOVERS ON YELP are cutting into our business and puts the community at risk.There is no longer any reason to put your furniture, floors, walls, and even the safety of your family. Low prices movers often hire felons who have nowhere else to go.; this usually leads to theft during the move or afterward. We have changed this and now offer fair rates for small jobs and flat rate moves. All you need to do is contact us and ask for our estimators to help you get side help from our men.

Finally Affordable Piano – Safe And Large Item Movers

We are happy to now be serving the local Inland Empire and communities like Highland, Loma Linda, Beaumont, Yucaipa, Redlands, and Banning with flat rate moving services. Are you rearranging and In-Home Moving Help – Feeling the itch to re-arrange your furniture? Moving a 350-pound sofa bed upstairs to your guest room or the piano to the other side of the house might sound like impossible tasks on your own, but with the help of local professional movers, rearranging is a snap! Hire an in-house furniture mover, and they’ll send a team and equipment to help you safely and quickly reorder your home.

Appliances Moving And Pod Loading and Unloading

Appliances: We can move washers, dryers, refrigerators, even dishwashers = The men from San Bernardino Moving make sure your washing machine and dryer are unplugged and disconnected from the water supply correctly. The surfaces of washing and drying machines are fragile and should be protected by padded moving blankets during transport. San Bernardino movers specialize in disconnect, hauling, and installing appliances. We’ll connect your appliances in your new space and ensure that they work correctly, so you can begin washing and drying laundry without delay.

Moving Labor For All Loading And Unloading Moving Help

Need Help Loading The Uhaul or Moving Pod = It is common sense renting a U-Haul, or a moving container is an option to save money on your relocation. You will find that it’s tricky to get your cumbersome items like your bed, couch, into those containers on your own. If done wrong, your property shifts all over and results in damage as well. If you ’re short on time to get things loaded or unloaded and need a few sets of hands to aid in the process, call us today and we will get out there and help you same day!



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